Special Offers for New Adult and Children Members

Six month Trial Membership is only $125/month for adults and $95/month for Children (plus a one-time registration fee of $75).

Membership, along with the one-time $75 registration fee, includes unlimited classes, access to all member facilities, the eligibility to train at other Seido locations, and attend Seido special events. In addition, you will receive a free uniform and belt (a $45 value).

Please Note: This promotion is for new adult and children students only. Current or former students are not eligible. These special offers cannot be combined with other promotions.

NOW is a great time to discover Seido Karate

This special introductory membership makes it easy to get started at our new Westchester Dojo in Elmsford, NY.

If you’re a little out of shape or intimidated, don’t be nervous! Our professional instructors work with each individual to help them realize their potential. Beginners start with basic stances and movements to build strength and flexibility. You can progress at your own pace; the only competition is with yourself!

If you have previous martial arts experience, great! With the variety of classes offered, you can quickly get back in shape and never be bored.

Seize the moment and sign up for a Trial Class today

Call (914-909-5000) or email honzan@seido.com for more information.