About Honbu

Seido's 23rd Street location in New York City serves as the World Headquarters, or "Honbu," for the Seido organization. With over 7,000 sq. ft of space, Honbu offers classes 7 days a week for all belt levels. Exercise equipment, weights, heavy bags, mats, and other equipment are available at designated times. Complete locker room facilities, including showers, are available to all students.

In addition to a wide selection of classes, Seido sponsors a number of special events each year. Self-defense and other specialized skills seminars, summer training in upstate New York, black belt clinics, children's events, beach training, and our annual benefit tournament held each October in Manhattan are all a part of our yearly calendar.

As World Headquarters for the Seido Karate Organization, the New York City location hosts many visiting branch chiefs and their students from around the world. This gives our students the special opportunity to meet and train with a diverse group of Seido karateka from all parts of the world. New York City is also home to numerous Seido branch locations and affiliate programs.

Seido's founder and chairman Kaicho T. Nakamura and Seido's vice chairman, Nidaime A. Nakamura, both teach classes at this location. Their presence and active leadership lend a special connection to the roots of the Seido organization for students who study at Honbu.