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South Wellington Seido Karate Gives Back


The Neonatal Unit at Wellington Children's Hospital was the lucky recipients of a generous donation, thanks to South Wellington Seido Karate.

Every year South Wellington Seido Karate conducts a fundraiser that which spans over a 4-5 month period. During this time they hold different types of events to help raise money for those less fortunate. Since South Wellington Seido has started, they have been able to give away close to NZD$100,000 helping different charitable organisations throughout their local community. Over the last 2 years they have established a long term relationship with the Wellington Children's Hospital giving NZD$12,500 to the Neonatal unit last year and again this year an amount of NZD$15,000.

South Wellington Seido Karate starts their fund raising efforts every year in January and it finishes in May with a quiz night where 200+ people pack into the dojo for a fun filled evening of team competitions and auctions. This year they managed to get an All Black (one of NZ's world champion Rugby Union players) to donate one of his jerseys which he personally signed. This item alone raised NZD$900 during the auction. 

The Branch Chief of South Wellington Seido Karate, Kyoshi Tony Gaeta, said "For us it's not only important to raise as much as we can for a great cause but more so to have a positive rippling effect to encourage others to do the same."

News of this generous donation was featured in the Cook Strait News, the local Wellington New Zealand newspaper.

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