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Kid's Breaking Seminar (Honzan): Jan 27


The Art of Tameshiwari or Breaking will be taught by Nidaime on Sunday, January 27th from 10am-11am at the Westchester Dojo!

This is open to all yellow belt and above students in our Children's Program. It will be a special one hour seminar and children will learn the techniques and skills to do proper breaking. The seminar cost ($35) includes two (2) boards per applicant. You can purchase additional boards when you register. There is a limited number of wooden boards available so please pre-purchase if your child would like to practice on more than 2 boards.

Not only will this be fun, but it will boost your child's confidence. We hope you can join us!

Parents can register their children at the front desk or online through the student portal.

Download and complete the paper application and return to the dojo front desk.

To register online, go to ​Payment ​may ​be ​made ​by ​Visa ​or ​Mastercard.

PLEASE NOTE: You must login using the email address we have on file as your username. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?"
If your child is an active student and receive an error when you try to login DO NOT click "Create an Account". This will not provide you with access to your child's student profile. You must email to request access to book into events.

There is limited space available so register to reserve your child's spot TODAY!