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Inter-Dojo Tournament: May 10-12


The 2017 ​Inter-Dojo ​Tournament ​will ​take ​place
May 10, 11, & 12 ​at ​Honbu

Wednesday, ​May 10, ​7pm: ​Individual ​Kumite ​for ​Green ​Belts ​through ​4th ​Dan 
Thursday, ​May 11, ​7pm: ​Individual ​Kata ​for ​Adv. ​White ​through ​3rd ​Dan 
Friday, ​May 12, ​6:45pm: ​Team Kumite for ​Green ​Belts ​through ​4th ​Dan

Download the paper applications and hand in to the Honbu or Honzan front desks. ​Payment ​may ​be ​made ​by ​cash, check, ​Visa, ​or ​Mastercard.

2017 Inter-Dojo Tournament Application
2017 Inter-Dojo Team Kumite Application
Inter-Dojo Tournament Rules and Regulations

Event ​Fees ​are ​$25 ​for ​one event and an additional $5 for adding two ​or ​three ​events. ​A ​$10 ​late ​fee ​will ​be ​added ​to ​any ​applications ​received ​after ​May 5th. ​No ​applications ​will ​be ​accepted ​after ​May 8th. 

We hope to see a good showing from all ranks and branches so be sure to encourage your friends to compete. Spectator admission is free for everyone, so please invite your friends and family. We hope to see you all there!

Please Note: The last evening classes at Honbu on Wednesday May 10th and Thursday May 11th will be 6pm. The last evening classes on Friday May 12th will be 5:45pm. Please come and compete, judge, or support instead!

Email with any questions or for more information on volunteer opportunities