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NYC Dojo: Bring a Friend for FREE!


Adults (16+ yrs old): Saturday, September 30th 12pm-1pm
Children (6-15 yrs old): Sunday, October 1st 11am-12pm

Honbu, 61 West 23rd Street, 2nd floor, NYC

All Active Seido members in the Adult, Junior, and Youth programs are invited to bring a friend to class for free. Seido Members dress in full gi. Family/Friends can wear yoga or sweat pants and loose fitting t-shirt (please no tank tops or shorts).

On September 30th all classes will follow the normal schedule. The 12pm class will be for Adult students and friends. On October 1st Pee Wee class and all other classes will resume as normally scheduled. The 11am class will be for Junior/Youth students and friends (aged 6-15 years old).

Register online by clicking on the link below or follow this link:

FAMILY/FRIENDS: Please click "Create an Account".
SEIDO STUDENTS: You do not need to pre-register, just show up and present your membership ID at the front desk.

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