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July 18 - Annual Breaking Seminar at Honbu


Learn the art of Tameshiwari directly from Kaicho and Nidaime

On ​Wednesday, ​July ​18th ​Honbu ​will ​hold ​its ​yearly ​breaking ​seminar ​from ​7:00pm ​- ​8:00pm.

All ​Adult and Youth ​Seido ​students ​GREEN ​BELT ​AND ​UP ​​are ​welcome ​to ​attend. ​The ​cost ​to ​attend ​is ​$35 ​(with ​a ​$10 ​late ​fee ​starting ​on ​Monday ​July ​16th at 8pm).

Never broken a board before? Learn straight from Kaicho and Nidaime!

Have you attended the seminar but now want to try to break with a kick or more than one - there will be opportunities for this too!

Youth will have lighter weight boards to make practice easy.

You ​may ​bring ​your ​own ​boards ​to ​the ​seminar ​or ​you ​can pre-​purchase ​them online or at the front desk until 8pm on Monday July ​16th.

We are having a difficulty to load your requested events, please come back at a later time.

Active Seido Students have 2 ways to register

1) Download the paper application (BreakingSeminarApplication2018.pdf) and email to or drop off at the Honbu or Honzan front desks. ​Payment ​may ​be ​made ​by ​cash, check, ​Visa, ​or ​Mastercard.

2) Register online by clicking on the link above or follow this link ( ​Payment ​may ​be ​made ​by ​Visa ​or ​Mastercard.

PLEASE NOTE: You must login using the email address we have on file as your username. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?"
If you are an active student and receive an error when you try to login DO NOT click "Create an Account". This will not provide you with access to your student profile. You must email to request access to book into events.

There is limited space available and a $10 Late Fee will be applied to all applications received on and after 8pm on July 16th so register today to reserve your spot!

Due to the seminar, 7pm Black Belt class and 8pm Contact Kumite class will be cancelled. The 7pm White Belt Class will still take place in the beginner's area.