Seido Karate Veterans Group

Our most recent special program, the Seido Karate Veterans Group, was conceived by two Honbu students who realized the possibilities in forming a group of veterans who have served their country.

Veterans Program NYThe Seido Karate Veterans Group was founded in the fall of 2008 with the stated mission to provide a resource for anyone who has served in the U. S. military, but with a particular focus on veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan period.

The only requirement for membership in the group, besides being a veteran, is that the applicant must demonstrate a sincere desire to commit to the program by attending two meetings prior to enrollment.

The Seido Karate Veterans Group continues to attract members from the tri-state area, including a father and son, both veterans.  In the future, the group hopes to expand their search for veterans to national organizations, including those for disabled veterans.

The motto of The Seido Veterans Group is: We Are One.

Current leadership resides with this group's founders, Kyoshi Boris Kupermann and Kyoshi Dan Tierney, who are both military veterans.  Their idea in founding the organization stemmed from a belief that the spiritual and physical benefits they have both received from their training at Seido would also help this new generation of veterans to integrate themselves back into civilian society. 

Additionally, they felt formation of this groupwas a way to acknowledge and thank veterans for their service to our country.  Kaicho and Nidaime eagerly approved of the program and agreed to provide any veteran who wished to study karate with complete membership in Seido without fee, an arrangement similar to the Seido Blind and Young Adult Institute (YAI) programs.

For those who are interested in enrolling, or have questions about the Veterans program, please email:

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